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Construyendo el Etho, Pathos, Logos y D'Artagnan de un Maquero

Dress like a Mac

I love Apple’s latest television ads in which Justin Long is the cool and casual personification of the Mac. His look can easily be summarized as:

* Smart, but approachable
* Informal and casual but not slovenly
* A simple color palette of cool blues and greys
* Minimal, with no visible logos or slogans

If you want to truly show your devotion (obsession) to your beloved Macintosh, here’s how and where to get the look:
The basic outfit

Justin most often wears an unassuming outfit that consists of a solid colored hoodie, plain t-shirt, slightly-distressed jeans, and simple slip-on shoes:

1. Zip Front Navy Hoodie
BDG at Urban Outfitters

2. Jersey Slate T-Shirt
American Apparel

3. Distressed Blue Jeans
Levi’s at Urban Outfitters

4. Classic Blue Slip-on Shoes
Vans at Hot Topic


T-Shirt Colors

T-Shirt variations

Sports Blue
BDG at Urban Outfitters

American Apparel

American Apparel

Shirts & Sweaters

Shirt variations

Jersey Long Sleeve Leisure Shirt
American Apparel

V-neck Sweater
American Apparel


Shoe variations

Black Slip-ons
Converse at Zappos

Chocolate Monochrome Lace-ups
Converse at Zappos

Tips to complete the look

To finish your Mac makeover, there’s a few more things to do:

Stand with your hands in your pockets a lot, but keep the thumbs out

Avoid jewelry and extra decoration. Minimal and simple is the Apple way

If you’re a guy, facial hair is okay, but keep it trimmed and neat

Paint your walls white



I apologize, I don’t know a whole lot about women’s clothing, and it seems like Apple doesn’t either. Any suggestions?

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